ACI design firm has been founded by two professionals: architect Piotr Salwiczek and structural design engineer Marek Koźbiał who combined their knowledge and experience in designing architecture and structures.The firm has been operating on the Polish market since 2007, and it provides multidisciplinary design services for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.ACI operates as a medium-sized design firm, which allows its owners to be directly engaged in the design process and in contact with their clients. To accommodate their client’s wishes, the firm offers the best and the most modern design solutions.We guarantee high quality services, and that the designs we develop comply with the building code and regulations, and the European standards. We also develop designs of industrial facilities that meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements and are certified as eco-friendly (green buildings) by e.g. LEED.

We provide complex services at every stage of the project: from pre-construction analyses and consulting, through official and legal procedures, developing multidisciplinary designs, tender documentation, conducting negotiations with contractors, providing construction site supervision services, to completing the project by filing for and obtaining the occupancy permit.


  • multidisciplinary designs of industrial facilities,
  • multidisciplinary designs of residential constructions,
  • designs of building structures and civil engineering structures,
  • value engineering,
  • reconstruction and modernization designs,
  • interior designs,
  • engineering evaluations and expert analyses,
  • bills of quantities, cost estimates, and tender specifications,
  • multidisciplinary conceptual designs,
  • design supervision services,
  • authorization of designs developed in other countries.


  • on-site supervision over all construction works,
  • filing for and assisting with official approvals by public agencies,
  • filing for and obtaining the occupancy permit.