Happy Holidays 2019

9 December 2019

Adient Seating Poland Siemianowice obtained the permition to use for the new storage yard and parking lot.

25 October 2019

Our structure project – new warehouse and office with social&welfare area of Lapp Kabel Sp. z o.o.

21 May 2019

We have obtained a building permit for the storage yard and parking lot with an area of approx 8 500 sq m. A part of investment is also reconstruction of H. Krupanka Street in Siemianowice Śląskie.

25 March 2019

One of our structural engineering projects – Balluff Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw.

20 August 2018

We’re working on a structure project for new warehouse and office with social&welfare area of Lapp Kabel Sp. z o o. in Biskupice Podgórne, commune Kobierzyce. The warehouse is made of prefabricated concrete elements such as: columns height of 8,5 m and reinforced concrete girders of 29,0 m span. Total usable area approx. 7 500 sq m.

19 January 2018

Adient site. The facade is almost ready.

7 December 2017

Adient site. Assembly of the 32-ton cranes.

4 October 2017

Adient site. Press shop area.

3 October 2017

Today we start work in our new office at 277 Kamieńskiego Street.

28 September 2017

Adient site. Assembly of the facade.

25 August 2017

Adient site. Production hall – internal view.

6 June 2017

Adient site, concrete works in progress.

25 May 2017

Adient site, excavation in progress – approx. 10m depth for technological foundations.

21 April 2017

On the April construction of the new Adient Seating Poland production facility has begun.

27 March 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.